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Are you a scientist looking to share your research with the world? Do you want to make a positive change through science communication?

SILBERSALZ Institute is back, empowering scientists with the media skills needed to become a prominent science communicator.

SILBERSALZ Institute is a unique training programme for scientists wanting to break into the media sphere. In cooperation with MC2 Grenoble, Hexagone Scène Nationale and Pariscience, the Institute continues on the success of SILBERSALZ Institute 2023, and Documentary Campus’ 20-year expertise in factual project funding and customised media training.

What is SILBERSALZ Institute?

SILBERSALZ Institute is a year-long, diverse programme of science communication training. Highlighting diversity in science, research, and technology, the programme aims to broaden the public perception of science and bring scientific research into mainstream media. Through extensive training, co-creation, workshops and digital masterclasses, participants will collaborate with renowned science institutions, academies, course instructors, mentors, and partners from creative industries. Practising scientists at the forefront of their fields will be carefully matched 1-on-1 with media experts to improve their science communication skills. Throughout the program, scientists will be introduced to the European media and cultural landscape and learn strategies for developing science communication projects and tapping
into funding opportunities.

What does the institute offer?

  • Online & in person workshops and masterclasses throughout the year
  • In person visits to CPH:DOX and the SILBERSALZ Science and Media Festival
  • Opportunities to develop cutting-edge research into professional media formats, with the support of renowned experts from respective fields
  • Ongoing mentoring during the production phase
  • Pitch training & financing opportunities
  • A deeper understanding of the international media and cultural landscape
  • Customised strategies for the development and funding of projects

Who is SILBERSALZ Institute for?

The Institute is aimed at scientists, researchers, and designers who want to share their research with the world. You’ll be carefully matched with creative technologists, artists and media executives to work together on developing new innovative science communication projects.

For more information and to apply by 20 November 2023, click here.