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SILBERSALZ is the first international Science & Media festival of its kind, taking place in 2023 for the sixth time in Halle (Saale), Germany.

What are the questions facing science? What answers could help us to live together more peacefully and waste fewer resources? What will the earth look like in the future? SILBERSALZ brings science and media topics to life for all senses with gripping films, exciting discussions, and walk-in installations - as an international festival for the public and as a conference for those who work in research, film, or the media industry.

With this unique combination of festival and conference programmes, current issues become easy to understand. For researchers, film, and media professionals, SILBERSALZ offers a platform for mutual inspiration.

Are you enthusiastic or skeptical about research? Are you younger or older? Do you have very little background knowledge or have you been researching for years? Are you curious? Be part of it! SILBERSALZ takes place every year in Halle (Saale). Admission is free.

SILBERSALZ Festival_Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram

SILBERSALZ has advocated public engagement since 2018. The 5-day festival in Halle (Saale) makes science and media topics accessible through gripping films, exciting discussions, and interactive installations. SILBERSALZ addresses three target groups: People interested in science or those who are still hesitant (Public Programme), professionals working in research, film or media (Conference Programme) as well as children and young people (SILBERSALZ made by Youth).

Next edition: 25-29 October 2023, Halle (Salle), Germany


SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards

Since 2020 the SILBERSALZ Awards recognizes and celebrates the achievements of those who are working to solve many of today's challenges, of those who fascinate and inspire audiences worldwide through their stories, of those who encourage the next generation to engage with STEM subjects through global outreach, and of individuals promoting science and evidence, advancing the public discussion around global issues. For 8 categories open to worldwide submissions, we are calling for original, creative documentaries, factual series and immersive work dealing with a range of scientific disciplines, and made for theatrical release, TV, platforms or exhibition.

Submissions are now open for the 2023 edition.



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