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Costs & financing

We cover the following costs:

  • Training at the five workshops;
  • One mentor and one tutor per project;
  • Attendance at film markets (travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence, market fees);
  • Staff, lecturers and organisational costs;
  • Research trips (travel, accommodation, expenses).

This is made possible by the generous support of film funds, film institutes, broadcasters, companies and governmental bodies. As this money has to be partly raised in the country or region of the participants’ origin, a few applicants may have to apply for development funding linked to their project. In this case Documentary Campus will support them.

Costs for the Participants

During the four compulsory workshops, which take place in different European cities, the participants only have to cover costs for travel, accommodation and daily subsistence.


The Masterschool has to repay the project development and vocational training costs to the Masterschool’s funding bodies when the developed project goes into production. It is very important that the participants are fully aware of this. The amount that has to be reimbursed MUST be put on the film’s final budget once in production and should be paid back on full financing and no later than the first day of shooting. The producers must be able to assure that the ultimate funders of the production are in agreement with this procedure.

Each project has to repay a total of €8,000.00 upon production.


Each year we offer four grants. Four participants from countries participating in the Creative Europe Media Program, who otherwise could not afford to take part, may apply for a grant to support their travel and accommodation costs during the four Masterschool workshops. Please note this grant does not cover repayment costs as outlined above.