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I used to be the Mayor

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In development
I used to be the Mayor

On the collapse of the USSR, Gábor Demszky became Mayor of Budapest and helped turn a totalitarian state into a vibrant liberal democracy. Now his successes are all but forgotten. Under Viktor Orbán, Hungarian politics regressed 30 years. Against the backdrop of its 2022 elections, this film finds 68 year-old Gábor reflecting on his place in Hungary’s history and mistakes he made, politically and personally, as he considers how he wants to be remembered. As he seeks to write the final chapter of his story, he’ll join protests to stop Orbán’s re-election; fight for his political legacy by helping society’s vulnerable; and try to show the family he sidelined for his career that he’s worth giving another chance. But how much can an aging man really change… in himself and in society at large?