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In development

What seems like an exceptional time of freedom for most, has become a somewhat normal reality in the life of Fabian Lentsch, professional skier and adventurer. Whether travelling in his converted fire truck or living and skiing in Iran for a year: Fabi lives a surreal life, roaming from one beautiful episode to another. In romances to many, but not tied to anyone - always ready for the next adventure.

However, everything changes, while exploring the Himalayas with his travel companion Mara. He literally falls out of the sky with his paraglider and barely survives with a severe spinal cord injury. What follows is an odyssey of hospitals and rehab centers, confronting Fabi with his own vulnerability and dependency on others, especially Mara. He keeps his golden smile almost all the time as he fights to regain independence. Just sometimes this image of him, who used to seemingly float above the mundane realities of life, gets a crack and Fabi appears more vulnerable and accessible than ever.