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Measuring Humans

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Measuring Humans

Shortly before Christmas 1911, the adventurer Rudolf Kmunke and his expedition doctor Robert Stigler climb the 4321 metres Mount Elgon in East Africa. 

Kmunke wants to set a memorial for himself and for his emperor Franz Josef. He himself wants to be where nobody else had ever been before and he wants to call the highest point of Mount Elgon Franz-Josefs-Spitze. 

The race physiologist Stigler on the other hand wants to find out the difference between white and black people. The journey to allegedly unexplored Africa should give him the opportunity to find enough data and visual material to finally determine the distinction. 

In the end, it is a story of failure. Franz Josef Peak was never found in an international map. And 40 years later Robert Stigler had to admit that black and white people differ only in the pigmentation of their skin.