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Good Vibes

United Kingdom (UK)
Project status
In development

The mathematical nature of music is well established. But math alone cannot explain the mysterious power of music to affect us so deeply. What is it exactly about harmony, resonance and vibration we find so appealing? Is being in synch, or vibing together just some old hippy memes or is there a deeper truth behind those sayings and can science help us answer those questions? In this feature length film we meet eminent physicists, neuroscientists, biologists, philosophers and musicians, the modern day Pythagoreans who use musicality to understand our Cosmos and answer the big questions of our time.  Their insights and musings reveal a groovy side to our reality as we learn about the jazz nature of our Universe, the healing side of music and the rhytmic origins of life on our planet, in a documentary which blends in science, music, art and philosophy.