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Another Life

Project status
In development

When Sergeant Major Sahra meets the ex-foreign legionnaire and mercenary Stefan on duty in Somalia, it’s the start of an intense love story that ends tragically. Sahra's memories of their relationship lead into a paradoxical cosmos: there is adventurousness next to the need to be told what to do; there is a longing for freedom challenging the wish to return to the civil world; and finally, there is the contradicting idea to only find ‘pure authentic life’ in an environment that can be fatal.

ANOTHER LIFE is a visually and thematically multilayered film. By interweaving Sahra’s remembrance with news-snippets and photographs as well as videos taken by Stefan while in Somalia, Mali, or other conflict-ridden countries, it shows the political context that only made this relationship possible in the first place – but also ultimately destroyed it.