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When you see the world through Angelo’s eyes, you get to feel the social pressure that sits at the core of young men living in the Italian countryside: “You have to be strong to protect the little that you own. You have to love the people that love you and you always have to make decisions, right or wrong – just go and stick with them.” 

School-friend and filmmaker Rocco follows Angelo and his best buddies with his camera while going the last steps into adulthood and into the never-ending struggle for success in life. Meanwhile, in another, parallel dimension we experience the world shaped by man through the eyes of a fighting bull – from the day of his birth until the day he faces death at the violent hands of his destiny. TORO aims to deconstruct the archaic stereotype behind male identity in its different forms, peeling off the surface and searching layer after layer for the tenderness that's hidden underneath – the very first ingredient to free ourselves from our cultural ghosts.