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The Nature of Love

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Love drives people to extremes, sets our emotions ablaze, and sometimes switches off our minds. But: why? Shouldn't love only serve the purpose of pure reproduction?

Sexuality is one of the strongest forces of nature. It guarantees the continuation of every species. And man added a special ingredient to this drive:  Love. But does this mean that love is only reserved for us humans?

There are justifiable doubts about this: animals, too, are in an exceptional state when it comes to finding a partner. They, too, experience a rush of instinct that leads them to seemingly irrational actions Some call it "bonding", we call it "love" - how big are the differences? "The Nature of Love" wants to find out: What happens in humans and animals when they fall in love? How do animals decide on a partner and do they distinguish between sexual and bonding partners? And what about humans? Is love a free decision or does biology play a bigger role than we think?