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The Hemp Farm

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When we think of cannabis, we imagine drugs. But cannabis is an all-rounder plant that can play a pivotal role in protecting our environment, and Marten Koch is set to prove this. The Hemp Farm is a documentary film that reveals the profound relationship between man and soil. Marten Koch is an ingenious farmer who has devoted his life to agriculture. He invents his agricultural machinery and combines traditional and new farming methods in his work. Since 2014, he has cultivated organic cannabis with his childhood friend Rafael. They manage to build the biggest Hemp Farm in Germany. The future of their work is unpredictable because the regulations in Germany change frequently. Still, Marten and Rafael are passionate because they are convinced of its value – for the clothing industry as a resource for paper, medicine, insulation material, biofuel, and animal feed.

The most outstanding feature of hemp is that it can regenerate soils, which is essential in the fight against climate change.