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Do you Trust Albert Bachmann?

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A hero, clown, or a traitor? Enter the world of Cold War espionage, unsolved murders and secret armies in The Colonel, the story of Col. Albert Bachmann, Switzerland’s most infamous and misunderstood secret agent.

Bachmann is the most important Cold War spy you’ve never heard of. He ran spy rings in West Africa, trained a secret army of assassins and built a disguised nuclear bolthole in rural Ireland, all in preparation for an incoming Soviet invasion - that never came. While his successor was murdered in a crime that is still unsolved, Bachmann lived out a peaceful retirement in his rural idyll where his Irish neighbours regarded him as a harmless recluse. To The Telegraph, Bachmann was a bumbling fool, a Swiss Inspector Clouseau. To his enemies, he was a jingoist warmonger who almost destroyed the world’s oldest democracy. To his allies, he was a national hero. What is a legacy when your business is a life of lies?