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Climate Wars

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In development
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Climate Wars is reflecting on a new player in the global climate discussion: the military. Taking the effects of global heating as today's biggest security thread, high-rank majors and international security experts are spreading the narration of a new, invisible enemy. But what is meant to be a wake-up call to governments, can easily lead to negative effects, too. When budget is spent on enhancing warfighting capabilities instead of protecting our environment, this can pose a great risk to our democracies. Michael Thomas is a family father who stepped out of the army to explore these risks. As a military expert, he gives us unique access to climate and security networks all over the world. With his deeply inquisitive mind and emotive character, he identifies the unintended and dangerous consequences that the military‘s involvement in the climate discussion might cause. Also, he‘s looking out for solutions that have real potential to prevent climate wars - without military influence.