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Come on, let's go extinct!

Project status
In development
Come on, let's go extinct still. Hundreds of people hold swimming floats.

Human progress is great. So great that it is ruining our planet and putting human civilization in real danger. More and more consumers and an infinitely growing economy would make it necessary to resize our planet. Unfortunately, that´s impossible, it´s time to ask the inconvenient question: How many people can live on earth? Our journey takes us to radical anti-natalists demanding complete human extinction, family planning activists fighting for access to contraceptives and critics wanting to focus instead on modern consumption levels, all while demographers are busy crunching numbers to calculate sustainable population sizes. COME ON, LET’S GO EXTINCT! is a feature-length documentary with a unique mixture of humor and insight. The different viewpoints of high-profile scientists and unconventional critics of growth allow us to take an entertaining yet in-depth look at humanity and its impact on the planet.

Image Copyright: Goodplanet - Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Team Partner

Marcel Seehuber, director

Producer / Production Details

schöne neue filme., Germany