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Surf On, Europe!

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In production
Surf On, Europe!

With Europe caught in an identity crisis, the personal stories of three surfing Europeans reveal its endless beauty and the privileges it provides, the struggles it is facing and what could get lost if the last years were not just a hiccup, but the start of a disentanglement. A love letter to Europe that can’t ignore its challenges.

A Europe that has been taken for granted was questioned with Brexit and suddenly, the reality of Europe breaking apart is possible. On the golden beaches of southern France, where life still seems like an endless summer for Francois, Europe feels like the best place in the world. But close to the northern Irish border, Richie is suddenly reminded how it was to cross checkpoints just to go surfing. The crisis that Europe is facing becomes real for José at the southernmost tip of Europe, where boats filled with refugees land on the picture perfect surf beaches of Tarifa. ‘Surf on, Europe!’ is a lighthearted approach to a complex topic, with surfing as a metaphor for individualism being an essential part of a liberal society, revealing a freedom in Europe that extends beyond national borders.

Team Partner

Lukas Steinbrecher

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VeyVey Films