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The Second Life

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The Second Life

Overwhelmed by steel, glass and asphalt, humans are prisoners of their cities, and animals are imprisoned by humans in flats, zoos and shelters. Surrounded by noisy cities and stuck in a kind of silent Noah’s ark, Maurizio, Christophe and Robert are taxidermists working for the natural history museums of Rome, Brussels and Berlin respectively. They consider themselves the guardians of animal memory. Their latest mission is to prepare specimens for the next European Taxidermy Championship. But like their specimens, they too are in danger of extinction. Is taxidermy destined to become nothing but a hipster hobby or will our heroes succeed in keeping alive the fragile bridge between science and art, mankind and wilderness? Will Maurizio, Christophe and Robert manage to survive in an hostile environment and preserve the memories of the animal kingdom?

Team Partner

Ruggero Di Maggio, producer

Producer / Production Details

Valentin Thurn Filmproduktion

Thurnfilm in co- production with Take Five, Mon Amour Films