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The Naked Oyster

The Naked Oyster

This film is an exciting investigation into the strong connection between oysters and sex. Built up as a sexual encounter, oysters and humans are brought together to unravel its mysteries. In Roman times the flat oyster was a crucial part of those famous orgies. In Amsterdam artist Jeanette Genant puts her vagina on a bar for people to eat oysters from. "A living oyster bar" she calls it. A living oyster bar is actually a good name for every bar that serves oysters. Most oysters are eaten raw and alive.

Is that the secret of the sexual arousing powers of the oyster? Or is it the sensual experience of the fresh taste of the sea; the slippery, silky texture? The film dives into the life of the oyster and the orgies of today, and by this reveals our own deepest desires.

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Willemiek Kluijfhout, director

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