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Art of Crisis

For years, "the crisis" has paralysed politics, frightened citizens and caused Europe to falter. Iceland was the first country to buckle and was brought to its knees in a single tremendous blow within just a matter of days.

The debt of the banks had exceeded the country's gross domestic product many times over. In that situation, the city of Reykjavik and the national government decided to invest $150 million in to Harpa, a concert hall built in the excavation hole of a bank building.

Harpa's success story seems to have forced artists to relate to the crisis. The film sheds light on Iceland's path, on the angry artists and the old elites who just returned to power.

Are there winners in the end, and if so, who are they?

Team Partner

Dirk Simon, producer

Producer / Production Details

Monarda Arts in co-production with Filmquadrat.dok