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Ghetto Girls

Ghetto Girls

Nisha is from a poor ghetto in Delhi and works as a bouncer in a nightclub. Assertive and loud, she has found some measures of celebrity by virtue of being the first female bouncer in Delhi. She is hoping to parlay that celebrity into TV stardom. Following not far behind is her sister Tannu, also a bouncer, but with a very different strategy for success. She is bootstrapping her way up by working two jobs. Nisha and Tannu have broken several social barriers already, being the first women from their conservative family to join the workforce. But they aspire to do more. However, the world they inhabit may not be ready for them. This documentary follows their struggles to overcome the twin barriers of gender and class, as they work towards a measure of freedom and dignity.

Team Partner

Anjali Panjabi, Producer
Production company: Marvi Films, Four Nine and a Half Pictures, Inc. (India)