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Documentary Campus Masterschool 2021: selection announced


Documentary Campus is excited to reveal the projects to be part of the 21st edition of the Documentary Campus Masterschool.

Once more 15 European factual projects have been selected to take part in the renowned European training programme. Over the course of 10 months the teams will be assisted by acclaimed industry experts in developing their documentaries of various formats and genres for the international market. The projects will be pitching to buyers at Documentary Campus‘ very own pitching forum – the Leipzig Networking Days in October 2021.

In its 21st edition, the training programme brings together filmmakers from eight European countries developing projects of various factual genres – ranging from observational documentaries to animadoc to investigative journalism and mockumentaries.

In the up-coming months, the selected teams will take part in a total of eight training events spearheaded by Head of Studies, Dr. Claudia Schreiner. Webinars and workshops around storytelling & formats, audience development & financing as well as pitching and legal aspects of int. co-productions will help participants to hone their concepts.

Amongst the acclaimed trainers are Bruni Burres (Sundance Institute), award-winning producer Paula Vaccaro (Pinball London)Rudy Buttignol (Knowledge Network), member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Joëlle Alexis - award-winning editor and impact strategis Sarah Mosses (Together Films) and many more.

The Head of Studies and the selection committee of refined international industry representatives of festivals, funds and broadcasters selected the following 15 projects to take part in the training programme:

Documentary Campus Masterschool 2021 projects & teams:

  • Agents of Change – Germany
    Matteo Sant’Unione (director) & Mélanie Simons (writer)

  • Armor, Rust and Power – Lithuania
    Andrius Lekavicius (director/producer)

  • Big Game – kill them to save them – Germany
    Philipp Dinkel (produer) & Mark Baumann (director)

  • Click the Link Below – Norway
    Audun Amundsen (director/producer)

  • Compass – Luxembourg & Germany
    Jacques Schmitz & Chris Poulles (co-directors)

  • Forbidden Fruit – Austria
    Aftab Abbasi (director) & Anna Maria Abbasi (producer)

  • Mother’s Little Secret – Ireland
    Jeremiah Cullinane (director/producer)

  • Pevek – Germany
    Sirio Magnabosco (director) & Elisa Hengen (production manager)

  • Plan B – Bound the Stay on Earth – Germany
    Alexander Krötsch (producer) & Marcel Seehuber (director)

  • Ponichala – Germany
    Juliane Sauter (director) & Daniel Tenné (producer)

  • Reporter/Refugee – UK
    Adithya Sambamurthy (director/producer)

  • Take It or Leave It – Germany
    Constanze Wolpers & Jonas Eisenschmidt (co-directors)

  • The Men of the Village – Germany
    Alexander Sußmann (director)

  • When the Fog Lifts – Germany
    Nancy Brandt (director) & Sabine Kraft (production manager)

  • Zone of Sacrifice – Slovakia/France
    Monika Grassl (director) & Linda Osusky (writer)

    All 15 projects have been published on the website of Documentary Campus Masterschool 2021.