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Announcing New Partnership: World Congress of Science & Factual Producers and Documentary Campus

DC + WCSFP logos

Documentary Campus and The World Congress of Science & Factual Producers (WCSFP) are pleased to announce their partnership on WCSFP's annual international Congress.  Held in a different city each year, the Congress brings together producers, decision-makers, distributors, digital creators, science communicators and scientists from around the world. 

Paul Lewis, Conference Director of the WCSFP, comments: “We’re very fortunate to be teaming up with an experienced, dynamic organization equally dedicated to documentary making, training and developing new talent, inspiring networking opportunities within the production community and science and history storytelling.  Our values are perfectly matched and we look forward to making this year’s Congress the best ever”.

Documentary Campus, a German non-profit organization, is the leading training initiative for media professionals, offering tailored workshops and events to help them succeed in the international non-fiction industry as well as promoting science communication through the SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival and SILBERSALZ Institute. It connects emerging and established filmmakers with co-producers and commissioners and is known for having one of the largest networks of media professionals globally.

Documentary Campus Managing Director Donata von Perfall says: “We are thrilled to organize the World Congress of Science & Factual Producers, expanding our ever-evolving program of conferences, training, networking and festivals in the documentary and science communication industry.  We are proud to support WCSFP, and to contribute new ideas and connections to the Congress”.

The upcoming 32nd edition will be hosted by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication of the Kingdom of Morocco and will take place in Marrakesh from December 9th to 12th, marking the first time the Congress will be held on the African continent.

Details on the event and registration will follow later this summer.

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