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CineLink Talks at Sarajevo Film Festival

18. - 19.08.2024

We are back at CineLink Talks in Sarajevo! Join us for two sessions exploring different aspects of AI in documentary. The first session looks at the changing relationship between filmmakers and audiences. With the introduction and rapid development of generative AI where tools of disinformation are available to everyone, the question of what is real, reliable information has become more valid than ever. Most people cannot distinguish between deep fakes and real images and this technology is improving at high speed. Traditionally audiences have placed their trust in documentary film and journalism as the carriers of true, authentic, reliable stories. Audiences do not want to be manipulated. However, filmmakers too have an increasing choice of AI tools available not just to speed up processes, but to generate ideas, create images and audio. How can we ensure that audiences still trust documentary filmmakers in the age of AI? What kind of measures and procedures should be in place to ensure transparency and credibility? And is there something to be excited about for the audiences, like personalised content? Join us for a discussion on the changing relationship between filmmakers and their audience in the age of generative AI.

The second session looks at available tools for documentarians.


Truth plays a crucial role in documentary filmmaking. Considering the rapid development of artificial intelligence and its applications, we should all ask ourselves how we want to produce and receive films in the coming years. What opportunities and challenges will shape the way filmmakers will work in the future? What moral and ethical demands should we place on ourselves?

The possibilities and limits of free AI tools will be discussed in this session using concrete case studies.

Presented by Erec Brehmer


Dr Dominic Lees, Associate Professor of Filmmaking at University of Reading, UK

Petr Salaba, Filmmaker, Czech Republic

Professor Angela Chan, Professor of Creative Industries with StoryFutures, Royal Holloway, UK

Moderator: Donata von Perfall, Managing Director, Documentary Campus