Workshops & Experts 2022

“As an employer I have met many able film-makers on the course who have gone on to real success – and whether their individual film or series gets made – they talk about Masterschool as an invaluable space to grow creatively, gain confidence and establish a network. The international nature of the participants, tutors and programme locations make this stand-out, bringing together a valuable range of creative perspectives at a time when there are real opportunities in the genre and global documentary is having a renaissance."
Richard Bradley, CEO& Producer, Lion TV, UK

"The Masterschool training programme is distinctive in how it connects documentary industry professionals with filmmaking teams that need guidance, mentorship and feedback at a critical stage in their projects. The dynamic between tutors and tutees is geared to be incisive and tactical in how projects’ strengths and weaknesses are pinpointed – enabling each filmmaking team to continue to develop their stories knowing the full scope of their story’s potential."
Jose Rodriguez, Director of Documentary Programs, Tribeca Film Institute, USA

How the perfect Mix of Networking & Training works:

In residential Workshops and online Webinars the Masterschool offers the space for a combination of Lectures & Masterclasses, Group Workshops and individual consultations. Herein the Masterschool covers various aspects for a successful international co-production.

Training at our Workshops and Webinars give practical insight into and advice on:

• Storytelling, Script and Treatment-Writing
• Narrative Strategies
• Alternative Formats & New Audiences
• New Technologies (VR & AR)
• Green Producing

• Audience Development
• Impact Producing
• Cross-Media & Online Marketing

• Pitching
• Trailer Production
• Archive & Clearances
• Data Analytics

• Legal Aspects of International Co-Productions

• Distribution, Sales & Festival Strategies
• International Markets & Funding Opportunities
• Financing & Funding Strategy
• Budgeting & International Co-Producing

Networking at our Industry Training Events in cooperation with international Markets & Festivals:

• Networking @ DOK Leipzig
• Networking @ Sarajevo Film Festival
• Networking @ CPH:DOX
• Networking @ Leipzig Networking Days

Here is a timeline of the Masterschool training programme 2022:

1st WORKSHOP (Copenhagen, Denmark)
International market structure, Storytelling & Digital technology March 2022

Producing for a better world: Green, diverse and fair, Sales & Distribution April 2022

2nd WORKSHOP (online)
Impact & Outreach strategies, Research & Fact check, Data analytics May 2022

Festival strategy, Teaser concept & Titles June 2022

3rd WORKSHOP (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Finance, Funding & Business models, Pitching August 2022

Pitching October 2022

5th WORKSHOP (Cologne, Germany)
Debrief & Outlook November 2022

Each workshop will take place alongside an international industry event or market and addresses a unique aspect of international (co-)production. Four workshops will take place in different European cities Dates, locations and trainers are subject to change!

Please refer to the FAQ Section for further queries.


Dr. Claudia Schreiner, Head of Studies since 2018

Throughout her career as Head of Program Culture & Science at MDR – public broadcast channel ARD - Dr. Claudia Schreiner has been a strong and constant supporter of Documentary Campus. Since 2018 she has continued to shape the Masterschool as Head of Studies.


Each team will have a specially-chosen Mentor assigned, coming with extensive knowledge in storytelling. They will act as the team's trusted guide, advising on the best way to develop the idea to appeal to global audiences. An additional Digital Mentor will help selected participants form the cross media performance of their projects.


Each project will also have a Tutor, an industry commissioner or executive producer working for a broadcaster or digital platform. Their role is to bring the market intelligence to the project to ensure its relevance to and success in the international market. The Tutors are also there to help with networking opportunities.


The trainers are established experts in their field of interest and share their business knowledge in the intimate space of the workshop and webinars in lectures, group workshops and individual consultations.

Experts of the Masterschool Edition 2022:

Selection committee for the Masterschool 2022:

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Mentors work very closely with the Participants during the development phase of their projects. The three mentors each work with five projects. The role of the Mentor is to guide the Participants and help them shape their projects to enure they are suitable for the international market, including international audience appeal, commissioner and other financier appeal. Mentors also provide the Participants with the necessary know-how and networking skills to help them work internationally in the future.

An additional Digital Mentor will help selected participants form the cross media performance of their projects.

The mentors, tutors and experts are subject to change each year. The mentors of the Masterschool 2022 are:

To be announced soon ...

Workshop Trainers 2022

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