The Masterschool 2019

APPLY NOW! Extendend Deadline until 30 November 2018

Application Materials

  • Treatment: Maximum 2-page story-outline proposal, a tagline and a short approx. ten line synopsis.
  • Access: Evidence of access to key characters or institutions. This can be presented as a written statement in your treatment and/or as part of the visual material in your teaser; Releases of main protagonists MUST be signed by the second session
  • Budget: First draft of a budget and financing plan;
  • Trailer: Teaser or character reel (max. 3 min) of key protagonists (NOTE: In case you have no recorded material, please send us a Mood Board to let us know visually the direction of style or overall feel which you are pursuing);
  • Profile: Information on production team: director/producer profile picture, CVs and company profile, if applicable;
  • Self-Presentation Film: Short video (max. 4 min) explaining your motivation to take part in the Masterschool;
  • Showreel: A brief showreel of your previous work (maximum 3 minutes);
  • Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from a commissioner, funder, experienced production house or experienced distributor;
  • Still/Photo for each submitted project (ideally in color 1600px x 400 px).

Please refer to the FAQ Section for more details.

NOTE: All documents submitted must be in PDF format. All materials must be submitted in English. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Application Form

Application form
To apply for the Documentary Campus Masterschool 2019, please fill out the Application Form and make sure to upload all requested materials by going through the procedure below.

Application procedure
To submit your project, please upload all the requested material to Drive* and share it with us.

Step-by-step guideline:
1- Login to Drive, or register as a new user.

2- Create a new folder by clicking on the button CREATE on the left menu.

3- Name the folder after your project’s name.

4- Upload all requested documents and videos listed above directly to this folder by clicking on the arrow on the left menu. Make sure to name all the material properly (Treatment, Access, Budget, Trailer, Profile, Self-presentation Film, and Recommendation).

5- Select your project’s folder and click on "SHARE".

6- Share the folder with
Make sure the “Can edit” function is selected, as Documentary Campus has to download the material for selection purposes.

7- Repeat Steps 2-6 if you would like to submit a second project.

8- Fill out and submit the Application Form