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Kyoko Miyake, Project: My Atomic Aunt, Japan: „It was well organised and cared for. I am recommending Crossing Borders to many people. I know my project would have NEVER got to this stage (WDR-NHK-BBC-SVT-IKON-Knowledge Canada coproduction) without being part of the CB. I am really grateful for the opportunity.“

Hon Yuen Leong, Project: Legs Not Required, Malaysia: “In Malaysia, we do not have access to a wealth of practical information about how to pitch one’s project to commissioning editors, so I was quite over the moon when my project was selected. It was an intensive programme, and I wish there had been two more days added to the itinerary – more time to re-edit the pitch video, more time to hear and understand how films are distributed, what rights should be shared but I understand this wasn’t possible because of the limited funds. Nevertheless, my brief time at Crossing Borders, South Korea was invaluable and I hope that other filmmakers will get a chance to reap the benefits of such a programme, if not for the lessons learnt, then the real-life filmmaking experiences shared by the mentors and an extended network of filmmakers from Asia and Europe. Although I never got the funds for my project, I did find my voice. I’ve always loathed public speaking but because I know now what commissioning editors really want, got practical speaking tips and encouragement from my mentors, and many hours of practice in the room, sometimes with my fellow filmmakers - I found my voice in front of a roomful of commissioning editors. And I still have that voice whenever I pitch my projects to strangers at film markets and festivals. I’m happy to say that two years later, one of the executive producers of a regional broadcaster liked what she heard and we’re now collaborating on making it come true.”

Vaibhav Ingole, Project: Climbing Uphill, India: “The CB workshop has been useful to give me a more panoramic view of documentaries as a business as well as a crafted product. Having both the perspectives allowed me to get the ability to produce a documentary that is market-worthy, yet compelling to my own artistic nature. CB also provided me an amazing opportunity to meet other filmmakers and opened up wonderful opportunities for future collaboration."

Cristina Picchi, Project: About The End, UK/Italy: “I found Crossing Borders an extremely important professional and human experience – having a chance to share my work and meet new professionals, not just from Europe but also from Asian countries, has broadened my mind and soul as few other workshops have done before.”

Mak CK, Project: The Most Fashionable Prison In The World, Singapore: “Crossing Borders quite literally changed my career. Through the workshop, I was introduced to the international documentary community - including filmmakers, industry veterans and funding parties. The exposure, support and guidance which I received gave me the confidence to make my debut feature-length documentary film independently. It went on to become the first film from my country to screen at Hot Docs.”

Martin Chen, Project: The Road Less Traveled, Taiwan: “To be a great filmmaker, you need a great team and partners. Crossing Borders is one of the best partners to support you to be the best of you. They not only train you to tell the story, but also train your mindset to believe in yourself.”

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