The next Call for Campus Latino will be launched by end of May 2019.

Who can apply?

CAMPUS LATINO is looking for documentary professionals (directors, producers) coming from Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal who have experience in their domestic market but strive to work in Latin America and Europe and are looking for an international audience. You can take part in the workshop as a producer or director or as a producer/director team.

We are looking for

• All types of creative documentaries (feature length or one-hour length) for festival and theatrical release or TV broadcasting. Television series are also welcome.
• We are interested in those projects with great stories and characters that need additional development before starting financing and being presented internationally.

What to submit:

When applying please send the following documents:

Application Materials:

• Logline 30-50 words
• Synopsis max. 600 words
• Narrative Treatment max. 500 words
• Visual Approach max. 400 words
• Finance Plan (incl. status of confirmation) & budget overview
• Finance Strategy max. 250 words
• Status of the Project max. 300 words
• Short CV - director max. 200 words
• Short CV - producer max. 200 words
• Short self-presentation video stating your motivation to take part in the training (up to 3 min)
• A trailer (1-3 min) and/or examples of previous work
• Contact Person: Address, email and mobile phone

All texts should be sent in one PDF (max. 1 MB). Please include 3 photos of the project.


All applications must be in Spanish.
• All applicants may attend the workshop with one team partner maximum and at least one person from the project team must participate in all workshops. Important: The language of the workshops will be English.
• All video material must be submitted via link to stream or download.
• Projects should be well researched and developed to a stage where a comprehensive synopsis, outline, initial budget and schedule are available. This will ensure the participants to benefit from the condensed workshop schedule to the full extent. Furthermore, a first short trailer version of the project should be available for the first workshop.


The participants of CAMPUS LATINO will be selected by a selection committee. In the final selection, an emphasis will be placed on the quality and creative and international potential of the proposed documentary film projects, and on the previous experience of the applicants themselves.

As soon as the selection of the CAMPUS LATINO participants is official, all applicants will receive an email telling them if their projects have been accepted or rejected. The applications and proposed documentary projects will be treated confidentially. All rights on the developed projects naturally remain with the participants.

Need more information?


Bettina Walter, Head of Studies: (Spanish and English)
Dorothea Schiebel, Management: (English)