Testimonials Alumni

Arturo Mendicuti, producer, Mexico: "The project has evolved a great deal since we started two years ago. Campus Latino has helped us to give some structure and definition to the story, I feel the project is completely different to when we started out in Panamá. The advice and guidance we have received throughout this process have helped us to rethink the direction of the project, not only creatively but also in terms of production. A clear example of this is that now we have managed to finance more than 50% of the film and we are planning to raise the remaining money this year. Furthermore, living alongside classmates and teachers from different parts of the world has been an amazing experience, everyone has contributed something different to the projects and this has given us a unique perspective regarding our own stories."

Carolina Arias, director & Alexandra Latishev, producer, Costa Rica: "Campus Latino is a necessary space in Latin America for reinforcing the development of documentary film. It is a space that allows projects to grow, to deepen and to question themselves. Campus Latino is also an experience through which you meet a diverse group of people and access different ways of looking at the world, gaining knowledge that helps us break false cultural barriers. Cinema is a language that unites us as human beings and Campus Latino aims to build cinema from this perspective, something which is exceptionally valuable."

Esther Anino, director, Honduras: “Campus Latino opens doors for us in many ways: To be able to participate in a training programme, to be able to discuss your projects, especially with the tutors. This was an extraordinary and very useful experience since the progress of the projects becomes visible. What I appreciate most is the continuity of the programme, as it consists of four workshops that take place during the course of one year. So we also get to know profoundly the other participants’ projects. We get to know each other very well and work together. It’s awesome to share experiences with other film makers who speak the same language and who are as passionate about documentaries as yourself. It’s really great.”

Teresa Camou Guerrero, director, Mexico: “During the two workshops and the online tutoring of Campus Latino that we have already attended my project has grown a lot. It’s wonderful to learn from the trainers who are highly specialized. I think Campus Latino is something unique. Besides, it’s great that there is a follow up of the projects. My colleagues and I are from Central America and from Mexico and it’s very nice to get to know so diverse ways of viewing the world and of telling stories.”

Nicolas Tabilo, director, & Felipe Garrido, producer, Chile:
"Campus Latino has been an enriching experience that has allowed us to improve the work that we have been doing during the development of "Drifting images". In addition to providing valuable tools to present ourselves in the best way to funds and co-producers of the international film market, its unique approach interested in both creative and production aspects unites the worlds of the film director and producer, which are often separated.

Regardless of its experimental nature and intimate approach, "Drifting images" has improved its storytelling and financial plan through the workshops in Mexico, Chile and Sao Paulo thanks to the feedback and follow-up of the different experts that are invited to each event.

As a result of all this, our film has made significant progress to make a place for itself in highly renowned international documentary film festivals, such as IDFA by obtaining the IDFA project award at Chile Conecta 2019 and Sheffield Doc Fest by being selected in the MeetMarket 2020."

Rafa Calil, director, & Flávia Cronfli, producer, Brazil:
Campus Latino is a very enriching experience. The consultants provided us with useful feedback, broad and narrow tips and exercises. I feel much more qualified for pitching. It was a valuable learning and a deep immersion into project development. The lab is an opportunity for a professional upgrade and networking.

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