What we do

We provide European documentary producers with tailored training and advice on how to develop their film ideas, unlock funding and reach a large international audience. We are one of Europe’s most renowned professional training initiatives.

Through a combination of workshops, seminars and industry events, Documentary Campus introduces budding filmmakers to the international standards and rules of the documentary film game. We provide professionals and up-and-coming talents with the know-how and contacts to help their documentaries succeed on an international scale.

Our programme of activities is flexible and reacts to current trends in the market, ensuring it is constantly relevant and helpful to emerging talents in the non-fiction genre. Here is a quick summary of the programmes we run across the world:

The Masterschool: Workshops for European directors and producers. Click here for more info.
Crossing Borders: One-off workshops and pitching forums for Asian and European filmmakers. Click here for more info.
Campus Latino: training programme for experienced filmmakers from Latin America. Click here for more info.
The MENA Programme: A training course for filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa. Click here for more info.


The non-fiction genre has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years. Today real world stories come in all shapes and sizes and a vibrant factual broadcasting market has emerged beyond the traditional alliances between documentary filmmakers and public broadcasters. Since there is an ever-greater demand for content, it has become increasingly important for filmmakers to operate on a global scale and seek partnerships with broadcasters from all over the world as well as traditional regional stations.

This is where Documentary Campus comes in. We will help you develop your film ideas, provide networking opportunities to find co-production partners, put you in contact with leading commissioning editors and advise you on how to make your films appeal to international audiences. This will help unlock funding and enable you to get your projects off the ground.


Documentary Campus is a non-profit organisation registered in Munich, Germany. We are supported and funded by the European Union's MEDIA Programme, German and European film and media foundations, private and public broadcasters, production and distribution companies, local, regional and national authorities, as well as institutions active in the European documentary sector.

Our Aims

  • to familiarise documentary filmmakers with the opportunities in and the demands of the international non-fiction market
  • to stimulate the economic and creative competitiveness of documentary professionals on an international level
  • to strengthen the audiovisual sector in Europe, Asia and North Africa
  • to link independent documentary-makers with the industry
  • to encourage the thematic and artistic variety of audiovisual works in Europe, Asia and North Africa
  • to advance the development of documentary films
  • to foster international contacts and to encourage networking among documentary professionals across the world