Linda Osusky
Linda Osusky

Zones of Sacrifice

ZONES OF SACRIFICE is a film about the struggle between natural habitat and economic development, about radical environmental activists and ruthless companies, about the conflicts between powerful centres and forgotten peripheries.
Extremadura, Spain’s poorest region is characterized by sleepy villages and vast, scarcely populated landscapes with century old oak trees, where bulls destined to fight and die heroically in an arena are abandoned to idleness. This forgotten corner in the southwest of the European Union has drawn the attention of mining companies looking for the gold of the 21st century: the metals much needed for the green transition and the digitalization of our society. While the EU is encouraging raw materials supply from European sources, local communities are opposed to this kind of extractive economic model, implemented by multinational companies, entering their backyards and threatening their existence.

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Monika Grassl, director
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Masterschool 2021