Lia Jaspers
Lia Jaspers

And who taught you to drive?

Three expats learning to drive realize that the great challenge is not the strange traffic rules (in their new countries), but rather their ingrained behavioral patterns. They all need a driving license somewhat urgently. While taking lessons and trying to pass their tests, they realize how their cultures are entirely in their way. Their confusion over driving on the right or left side of the road, waving hand-signals or clicking are just the beginning of their "comedy of errors".

Team Partner
Andrea Thiele, director
Stefan Kloos, producer
Producer / Production Details
Kloos und Co. Medien in cooperation with BR and ARTE
Supported by FFF Bayern and MEDIA
Distributed by Rise and Shine and First Hand Films
Top Awards/Festivals
Best Camera - Listapad Minsk I.F.F. (2013)
DOK Leipzig (2012)
DOK.Fest Kassel (2012)
SXSW 2013
Message to Man I.F.F. (2013)
Nominee for Deutscher Filmpreis (2014)

Broadcast on ARTE (6 February, 2015)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2009