Sascha Schöberl
Sascha Schöberl

Yakuza - Moment of Truth

Yakuza - Moment of Truth - is an interactive, online documentary project about the world of the Yakuza in Japan. One of the biggest and best organized crime organizations in the world. This is an exclusive interactive journey into the world of the Yakuza where the viewers go on their very own investigation. The experience includes deep and exclusive insights with real high ranking Yakuza and other key lynchpins in their world. With the documentary embedded in an exciting fi ctional manga story, this project is creating an unique and attractive online experience. The viewers follow the fi ctional character on her search for her missing boyfriend, who joined the Yakuza and disappeared. Along her journey the viewers meet the real Yakuza, the real world of the Yakuza of today. In this way the diverse truth of the Yakuza gets revealed.

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Crossing Borders 2016