Jan Tenhaven
Jan Tenhaven

Why We Buy

What does the perfect vacuum cleaner noise sound like? What does the smell of a hotel room have to do with the Swiss mountains? And why are we suddenly buying white cars – a colour that was unthinkable in the auto industry only a few years ago? Coincidence or magic?

Especially in difficult economic times, companies search for ingenious methods to seduce us to consume. Market researchers focus on our unconscious behavior. Corporations invest millions in the sensual appeal of their products. But how should things smell and sound in order to improve sales? And who decides which colors will be on the market in the years to come?

In the film, we accompany three "sense experts" that give the world its colors, its sounds and its fragrances. We get rare insight into the world of the secret seducers and learn something that is normally kept behind closed doors: How colorful our world will be in three years.

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Team Partner
Christian Beetz, producer
Julie Schrader, producer
Producer / Production Details
Gebrueder Beetz in association with NDR/ARD and YLE
Top Awards/Festivals
Broadcast on ARD (19 August, 2009)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2007