The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid

Aleksandar Zograf, a renowned cartoonist in one of his regular visits to the flea markets, discovers an unusual comic book from World War Two. The comic's hero is Kaktus Kid - a small cactus trapped in his pot. Intrigued, Zograf investigates into the life of Kaktus Kid's creator - little known artist Veljko Kockar.

He soon discovers that Kockar was arrested in 1944 just after the liberation of Belgrade. He was charged for being a Gestapo agent and executed, but Zograf's investigations reveal no evidence of Gestapo collaboration. It is more likely that he was killed for drawing a caricature of Stalin. This discovery coincides with vicious attack in central Paris. One of the attacked journalists is Zograf's good friend. Deeply troubled by the fact that even nowadays comic artist are under attack he wonders Why is it that caricatures cause so much violence?

Team Partner
Djordje Markovic
Top Awards/Festivals
Bel Docs 2018 - Best Director of Photography
Trieste Film Festival 2019
Training Programme
Masterschool 2015