Regine Dura
Regine Dura

White Blood

September 8, 1948. The overseas landing stage of Cape Town harbor is crowded with a group of middle aged men waiting for children from Germany. The fathers-to-be are members of the right-wing Broederbond, stalwart believers in "Apartheid". Behind the children's transport stands an unprecedented adoption scheme: Nazi elite offspring of "Aryan blood" shall insure "good genes" and help "stay white on a black continent".

The film tells the life stories of Werner Schellack and Peter Ammermann, then two and eight years old, how they struggled to adapt to an unsettling and racist environment and how far they went in their arrangements. On the surface their lives seem settled for a long time, but with the fall of Apartheid the old wounds open again.

A film about the abuse of children in the name of an ideology.

Team Partner
Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, producer
Producer / Production Details
Lichtblick Film in co-production with Day Zero Film and ZDF/ARTE
Supported by MEDIA
Top Awards/Festivals
Max Ophüls-Preis Film Festival
Hamburger Filmwoche
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck
Documentary Film Festival Istanbul Aegean Docs

Broadcast on ZDF/ARTE (2013)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2006