Sabine Kraft
Sabine Kraft
production manager

The man who said NO to Hitler

"And once the fog has lifted in which we live, one will wonder why only some, why not all have behaved in this way." [Farewell letter from Martin Gauger to brother Siegfried, 25 April 1940]

The public prosecutor Martin Gauger refuses to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler in 1934. He recognizes early on the consequences of a passive running along with the Nazi regime - and takes action. He remains alone with his decision and is murdered. Today right-wing populist currents are again infiltrating European society, including in Germany. At what point do we stand today? Isn't it time to act again and to actively work for the preservation of our democratic society? Who are the people today who, like Martin, have long since become active? What is their motivation? And what could I personally do? A search in which past and present are interwoven. And the question: What responsibility does each and every one of us bear to ensure that Nazi history is not repeated?

Team Partner
Nancy Brandt, director
Producer / Production Details
Ralf Kukula, Balance Film, Germany
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021