Corinna C. Poetter
Corinna C. Poetter
Director, Writer, Producer

What happened to the Dog?

Corinna realizes that war has entered her house. Triggered by the loss of her daughter’s friend Mohammed, a refugee boy from Iraq, she is forced to deal with the reawakening of her father’s wartime memories, manifested in the question about the fate of his childhood dog. As the family moves house, she finds her parent’s photos and 8mm films and begins unwrapping the truth behind reconciling answers. With a trip to her father’s home village, she hopes to make peace with the traces of war, facing silence paired with hilarious attempts of red herrings. Through animation we experience his childhood at war. For the first time Corinna must deal with her own family history, but time is running out. Is it possible to regain normality, when one’s daughter and father are hiding deep in their bunkers?

Team Partner
Fabian Driehorst
Producer / Production Details
Fabian&Fred GmbH
Training Programme
Masterschool 2018