Ana Brzezińska
Ana Brzezińska

Welcome to the Other Side

Welcome to the Other Side - the movie' is a story about getting back to life after a major loss. The film director goes on a journey to find out if she can regain peace, and a sense of purpose after losing her father. On her way she meets people who, just like her, cannot accept how death takes away from us everything we love.

The film is followed by a VR piece under the same title. 'Welcome to the Other Side VR' is an interactive immersive experience in which you live, and survive, your own death. In the first scene the user experiences a fatal accident. Whilst ‘virtually dying’ we participate in a dazzling, metaphysical journey during which we face our dreams and fears about life. After 8 minutes (the max. time we have to save a patient from oxygen deficiency) the User ‘comes back to life’ with a renewed hope, and joy of living.

The project has been developed and pitched (under the working title: 'The Future of Forever') at East Doc Platform in Prague, id w in Nyon, Cross Video Days in Paris, Venice Gap Financing Market, Documentary Campus Masterschool/Leipzig Networking Days and Hot Docs Forum in Toronto. It was awarded Best Pitch in Prague and Nyon.

Team Partner
Joanna Solecka
Producer / Production Details
Petersdottir Media
Top Awards/Festivals
Cross Video Days Best Pitch Award in Nyon (2016)
Interactive Documentary Workshop Award at East Doc Platform, Czech Republic (2016)
Selected for pitching at Hot Docs Forum (2018)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017