Jedrzej Michalak
Jedrzej Michalak

We Need To Talk

Four years ago, before his mother passed away, Jedrzej Michalak was at the beginning of a promising career as a lawyer. Now he is a fi lmmaker. That is only one of the many things that he would like to let his mother know about. Feeling impossible to stop talking to her just yet, Jedrzej continues to be sort of a tourguide through his own world: his love life, addictions, fulfi lled dreams and failures. Most of the fi lm is shot with a smartphone, which allows Jedrzej to follow his emotions and visual sensibility straight away. This is a transmedia project. Jedrzej is currently creating an international web platform for people who also talk to their dead loved ones. His way through other people’s grief, controversy and positive feedback around the project will be part of the fi lm too.

Team Partner
Daria Maslona, Producer
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2016