Viktoria  Szabo
Viktoria Szabo

Wartime Maternity

Genre: Human Interest | Current Affairs | Women Rights
Duration: 75 min, HDTV

The film follows three soon to be mothers in the last days of their pregnancies until their due date. The personal stories revolve around the topic of maternity in refugee camps and war zones. Their relevant fears in such a situation make pregnancy all the harder for them as they often ask the question: What future awaits my baby? Safa and her husband have just fled from Syria with their 4 children. With a newly born 5th child, the 7 of them now live in a Jordanian refugee camp. Manar and Hanin live in the Gaza Strip. Harmed by the war that has just ended they lament over the future of their newborn babies.

Team Partner
Eszter Cseke, Director/Producer
Andras Takacs, Director/Producer
Spot Productions
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017