Walking Under Water

Badjao, the Borneo sea nomads, are pushed to extinction by modern civilization. They have no IDs and no citizenship. Since ages they live like fish, spending most of their life in water. They can walk on the sea bed holding their breath for five minutes. Their eyes have adapted to focus underwater. But nothing is black or white. In their neighborhood, on the same sea, the business of the diving industry is blossoming. Many islands were sold by the government to private investors to build reach resorts. In order to survive the Badjao have started to reach for prohibited methods of fishing. They use dynamite, thus eternally damaging the coral reef and marina life. Owners of diving resorts wants to protect the nature. They call for help an NGO that fights for the preservation of sea species.

Eliza Kubarska, Director
Marta Mannenbach, Producer

Producer / Production Details
Monika Braid
Stefan Kloos
Maciej Ostoja-Chyžynski
Filip Kovcien
Eliza Kubarska
Top Awards/Festivals
Honorable Mention at the LA Film Festival 2014
Honorable Mention at the Planete+ Documentary Film Festival, Poland 2014
Special Jury Price at Hot Docs
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012