Raphaël  Millet
Raphaël Millet

A Vision of Paradise

Genre: Culture | Arts | History
Duration: 90 | 52 | 2 x 45 min | HD

Between the two World Wars, recently colonized Bali became the “last paradise on earth” for Western artists in search of escapism. Some only visited it for rejuvenation, like Charlie Chaplin, or to shoot a movie like Von Plessen or Henri de la Falaise. Others fully settled there, like Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Jean Le Mayeur. All interacted with Balinese artists like Limbak, Mario and Limpad, who, as their identity had been undermined by colonization, were keen to revisit and reinvent their own culture. Together they created the image of a “paradisiac” island full of arts, leading to the rise of cultural tourism.

Team Partner
Shirlene Noordin, Producer
Phish Communications, Singapore
Olivier Bohler, Producer
Nocturnes Productions, France
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017