Urban Legend

This is the story of Jerzy Urban, the spokesman of the Polish communist regime. This, too, is a tale of a troubled life that mirrors a turbulent European century.
At the end of a long life Jerzy Urban remains an enigma. Once a prominent journalist and a defiant critic of the communist regime overnight turned himself into its chief apologist. That changed his life forever. This is a story of a man of many faces and many contradictions – a Jew, a Pole, a Holocaust survivor, a communist, a self-made bourgeois, a virulent anti-Catholic in a staunchly Catholic country, a cosmopolitan among the devout nationalists, a libertine, a blasphemer, a provocateur. This, too, is a very contemporary tale of political spin, the role of the media, contexts and narratives that have shaped a century.

Team Partner
Łukasz Bluszcz, producer
Agata Jujeczka, producer
Training Programme
Masterschool 2020