Sonja Kulkarni
Sonja Kulkarni

Urban Genesis

Millions are migrating across the globe from their rural residency to the metropolises. Rapidly growing Ethiopia, whose 85 out of 100 million citizens remain subsistence farmers, is intensively searching for solutions. Modeltown “Buranest” is the brainchild of Swiss architect, Franz Oswald, whom Addis University invited alongside the celebrated Ethiopian architect, Fasil Ghiorghis, to develop a self-sustaining and communal rural dwelling. URBAN GENESIS follows hard working subsistence farmer Tilahun, and the architects Fasil, Franz and Helen Zerey over the course of two years in the pursuit of their big dream of building a new rural town - against all Odds. Whether their visions materialise or not, the consequences of each character‘s actions will ultimately be felt from poor Ethiopia all the way to wealthy Europe.

Team Partner
Dodo Hunziker
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017