Triangulo Flamenco

A conjugation of musical, anthropological, ethno-musicologist and social genres encompassing the current search for common roots between three cultures bonded today only by flamenco. Triangulo Flamenco showcases the multicultural birth of flamenco, by observing the people and landscapes descending from Al-Andalus. Said origins come from a mix of cultures that occurred during Al-Andalus' time and that three centuries later would lead to the creation of flamenco. Andalusi music underwent its catharsis in the year 1492, when the Moriscos were expelled from Spain and fled to Maghreb, having left a significant cultural footprint in Andalusia. As the Spanish Crown continued sending expeditions to the New Continent, Africans were shipped to Cuba and by the 19th century, the three cultures had planted the seeds of what would become the son.

Three characters, three countries, one common past, Diasporas of an art form in constant movement: flamenco.

Team Partner
Nicole Maynard Pinto, producer
Pilar Soriano Quiles, producer
Producer / Production Details
2Sentidos Producciones
Training Programme
Masterschool 2013