Anna Bolster
Anna Bolster

Travellers in Space and Time

In only two centuries our travel range expanded massively. The world became a global village. But where are we heading? In order to know human’s urge to go faster and further we follow three extremists of speed: THE PROFESSIONAL, who is permanently on the run just for business; THE SCIENTIST, who wants to create the fastest passenger rocket in history; THE HERMIT, who loathes speed and finds happiness in standing still.

Our film is a tongue-and-cheek look on the phenomenon of human movement. Following our protagonists as prototypes of modern travel we broaden perspective with visually rich side views on history and philosophy of travel. TRAVELERS will be an inspiring trip from superfast to super slow.

Team Partner
Jens Schillmöller, writer
Sebastian Poerschke, writer
Training Programme
Masterschool 2015