Carolyn Braun
Carolyn Braun

And there was Hope. A European Story

When history repeats itself, it is sometimes hard to spot. Did you ever hear of a peace movement in the Balkans? When Serbs, Bosnians and Croats celebrated peace in the early nineties – against a war they did not think possible? They were forgotten. But they remember what it means to fail. Deana Mrkaja wants to listen. When she grew up in Southern Germany, her Croat mother and Serbian father kept telling her that ethnicity or religion had never mattered. That was, until the moment when they could no longer bring their children safely home to Sarajevo, to the house they had built for their family.

Now, with Europe divided by a rising tide of nationalism and right-wing populism, Deana travels to her homeland from the past to learn about her other homeland’s future. Because we all know what happened last time.

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Marcus Pfeil
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Chapter One Media
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Masterschool 2018