Elmar Bartlmae
Elmar Bartlmae

The Year Without Summer

This is the untold story of the largest volcanic eruption in human memory and horror it spread on the entire planet.

When Indonesia's giant Mt. Tambora exploded on April 10th 1815, it killed 117,000 people in its region. Now, for the first time, an expedition sets out to measure the explosive power of this remarkably deadly volcano. Their aim is to excavate a lost village, the Pompeii of the East, and uncover the horrific details of why an entire ethnic group got wiped out.

But the horror did not stop here. The eruption triggered a worldwide weather collapse. The shocking details are just being revealed by a young American climatologist. He discovers that frosts in June, July and August both in Europe and North America lead to crop failure and a worldwide food crisis. Thousands of people were starving – and all this because a volcano had erupted on the other side of the world.

Team Partner
Frances Berrigan, producer
Producer / Production Details
Cicada Films for Discovery, BBC, France2
Top Awards/Festivals
Special Mention at International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival Graz (2006)
Finalist in Earth Science Category at Jackson Hole Film Festival (2005)
Finalist for Earth Science Award at Wildscreen Festival (2006)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003