The World’s Most Fashionable Prison

Award-winning fashion designer Puey Quiñones and his dresses make regular appearances on red carpet events and celebrity weddings. For the past 3 years, the petite gay 30-year-old has been leading a double life. Away from the celebrity and public adoration, he escapes weekly to the most unlikely venue: Bilibid Prison, the largest maximum-security facility in the Philippines. Run by gangs and home to over 12,000 inmates convicted for the most vicious crimes, this is where Puey conducts his weekly fashion workshops. In a few weeks, his class will stage the most spectacular event of the year: a runway competition in the heart of the prison.

Producer / Production Details
Chun Kit Mak and Khim Loh / The Moving Visuals Co. / Singapore
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2010