Felix Matschke
Felix Matschke

The Witch Project

The Witch Project invites the audience into the mystical world of witchcraft. Each episode focuses on one witch and one contemporary witchcraft historian in their imagined dialogue. The programme shows the historian in conversation with the witch of the past brought to life through voice acting and animation. Each episode reveals the highly sexual and magical elements of the tales in light of the historical facts. Historians are main characters in the story who lead us into the heart of an early modern society, with passion to understand witches' psyche and to make sense of the seemingly irrational in our history.

Director Kyoko Miyake has spent eight years studying history of witchcraft at Oxford and Tokyo. She re-visits her former supervisor and tutors who are some of the world's leading historians of witchcraft.

Team Partner
Kyoko Miyake, director
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United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2013