Mario Pfeifer
Mario Pfeifer
Director, Producer


Maghla and Sidahmed were raised and live in the “mirror cities” of the Western Sahara, an urban environment created for a political purpose in the middle of the desert 40 years ago. The cities are fully functional in terms of infrastructure and design, but they lack a fundamental quality: freedom. In order to achieve this, Maghla and Sidahmed advocate two opposing strategies: one violent, the other non-violent.

Will Maghla achieve her ambition of becoming her nation’s first female president? Can Sidahmed create such disruption on the Southern border of the liberated territories that the ceasefire comes to an end and new military confrontation ensues? Will Maghla’s and Sidahmed’s struggle ultimately pave the way for them to leave the mirror cities behind?

Team Partner
Oliver Thau
Producer / Production Details
blackboardfilms GmbH & Co.KG
Training Programme
Masterschool 2019